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Heey guys,

This week I have received so much information about my staying in York, and I’m eventually starting to get a lot of nerves on. Only good nerves, of course 😉 I’m so (so, so, so) excited for the next two months, where I will be living in York in England. Not only will I attend classes at York college, I will also be living with a british family!

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Last Thursday we got information about our homestay families. Even though neither Sofie or I applied to be in homestay with any other Danish students in York, it eventually ended up like that. At first we were both really confused and didn’t really know how to react to the fact that we were going to live together for 2 months. We started to talk and discuss the whole situation and after 5 minutes of talking about all the benefits of us living together, we were both so thrilled to be host sisters and suddenly we were even more excited about the staying! We will always have each other by our side, and Sofie is going to be the most awesome host sister ever! We have already planned what music we will be listening to in the mornings, when we do our make-up, hahaha. I really don’t hope our host family will find it way too annoying with two teenage girls singing “My milkshake brings all the boys to yard…” in the bathroom every morning 😉 I’m joking of course, we will definitely try to behave (try) 😉 Sofie and I are going to stay with our host mom Emma, her husband, her 12 year old son and their two dogs. I’m way beyond excited to meet them and get to live the british lifestyle for two months.


Beside of getting information about our homestay family, we also received a useful welcome brochure from York College. First of all the brochure contains information about our first days in York. The first two days we have an introduction program, which hopefully will resulting in us knowing more about the city and the school before our classes start. According to the pictures on the school website, the school looks so much like a shopping mall… No complains, but I hate finding my way in malls. Guess the reason is that I’m definitely the worst person in the world to find my way. Luckily they enclosed a map of the school, so I will hopefully not be completely lost, haha.

And now I reaaaaaally have to go, because I have an appointment with my hairdresser. You know, you have to get your hair on point before going to college, haha 😉

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