Maria's Monday #9

Embracing the new

Time is running so fast in York. In two days we have only a month left here! I must admit that the first couple of days in York was really overwhelming with the new family, school, and a whole new daily routine. I’m the kind of person who absolutely love the daily routine, and I think that’s why I always find beginnings so hard. But here I am, three weeks later, embracing the new and loving my new English life. With the old buildings, small streets, and the beautiful riverside York is nothing less than breathtaking and I love York more and more for each day.

York collage 1

On each street corner in York you can for sure find a small and adorable café. Bill’s is one of my  absolutely favorite places to snug up with a good book, a cup of coffee, and a warm scone with jam and cluttered butter.

york 2

However it hasn’t quite been the weather for snugging up inside a café yet, considering the weather has been bloody (becoming truly British as you can see) gorgeous! With only a couple of rainy days, we have been beyond lucky with the weather. When packing back home in Denmark, I nearly left my sunglasses there, because I was sure I wouldn’t get to use them at all here in the UK. But oh well even the British weather can surprise you I guess 😉  I must say I’m really glad, that I eventually brought my sunglasses!


  • Christel

    Amazing photos, Maria! You really make York seem like the best place to be right now 🙂

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  • Emmeline

    Må jeg spørge om du rejser med udveksling, eller hvad er det? Måske et link?:)❤️

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Maria B. Andreassen

      Ja selvfølgelig må du spørge om det! 🙂
      Jeg rejser faktisk gennem mit gymnasie (Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium) som hvert år sender en klasse afsted til York i to måneder. Derudover sender de også en klasse afsted til Afrika i et par uger!
      Det er et virkelig fedt koncept med udveksling og jeg er sikker på at du kan finde mere på deres hjemmeside 🙂
      Håber det kunne bruges, ellers er du mere end velkommen til at skrive igen <3

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Maria's Monday #9