Thank God it’s Friday. 


Første uge hjemme i dejligste Danmark (der er fyret op for nationalfølelsen kan jeg godt fortælle jer!) er nu overstået og nøj hvor har der bare været fuld fart på. Skolen slår virkelig til nu hvor vi er kommet hjem og det er tydeligt at mærke at lærerne føler sig en smuuuule presset over de manglende 7 ugers undervisning, hvilket har resulteret i et ret så proppet skema med diverse prøver, opgaver og præsentationer. Puha, altså. Men selvom det er pressende og til tider stressende at være tilbage i 2.g, så er jeg simpelthen så lykke for at være tilbage. Jeg vil tillade mig at sige at jeg ligefrem har savnet at have dansk i skolen! Vi har om journalistik lige i øjeblikket og jeg har armene over hovedet af bare spænding og glæde – det er simpelthen bare det niceste, som jeg udtrykte det i dag foran nogle af mine veninder, hvorefter jeg blev mødt med en masse latter; “dét kan man simpelthen bare ik sige!!” nå. Men når man skal beskrive noget, som er langt mere end bare nice, så må det da være det niceste. Never mind, dét som er det niceste er, at vi har 80’er fest i aften på gymnasiet. Med benvarmere. Og neonfarver. Og crepet hår. Og hvis dét ikke er det niceste nogensinde, så ved jeg simpelthen ikke hvad er.

Jeg glæder mig som et lille barn og lover at ligge et billede op af mit meeeeeget (læs: overhovedet slet ikke) fine outfit.

Håber at I alle sammen får en rigtig dejlig fredag <3


Home is where the heart is

Thursday morning at 4:30 my alarm on my phone went off. It was way too early, but I’ve never had so much energy and motivation to get out of bed. Sofie and I showered and packed the last couple of things while we listened to ‘Home’ with Michael Bublé and ‘Hold on, we’re going home’ with Drake. About an hour later we stood in the dark in front of the school ready to start our travel towards home <3


The view from the plane was extremely gorgeous and with earphones in my ears and ELLE magazine on my lap, I really enjoyed the whole trip. When we landed in Copenhagen my whole family was there to greet me, and it was so nice to see them all again. It’s like I realized how much I’ve missed them, when I got to hug them all again.

I’ve now been home for a week and I have to say the first day of school back on Gammel Hellerup was so unbelievable! It felt so extremely nice to be back with all your Danish friends and get to tell them all the exciting things I’ve experienced the last couple of months. Even tough it was really nice to be back, it was a bit absurd as well. I felt a bit like everything back home in Denmark has been paused while we were gone, when in reality everything and everyone kept going on with their lives. To be honest it was a bit of a chok to come back and realize that so much had changed! My sister had a big birthday party, there’s been social events and parties at school that we missed, we got a new kitchen in my house, and I’ve totally missed out on this year’s Dancing With The Stars (which is quite a big deal in our dancing family… hahahaah)! So yeah, two months really is a long time and I felt like I missed out on a lot. But I would not for anything in the whole world change the last two months. Being on your own in a new country has been so developing and I feel like I’m two years older by now, compared to when I left Denmark two months ago.

When all is said and done it’s nothing but amazing to be back in my own country. Sorry England but nothing can be compared to where your heart is.


Skærmbillede 2015-01-11 kl. 17.44.43

Saying my goodbyes

Last day at York College was so weird. Definitely not in a bad way, but it was just so weird having classes with people you would probably never see again. Every time a class ended, I felt like giving them all a hug and wish them a nice, happy and successful  life… But of course I didn’t, because then we could talk about being weird, haha. The class that was hardest to say goodbye to, was definitely my Spanish class. You know I’ve told you how clever and extremely talented they are? Well as clever and talented they are, just as sweet and nice people are they. In the end of the lesson I got a post card in Spanish telling me that it was nice to have me and wishing me good luck in the future. All the students in my class had signed with their name and the text ‘Buena suerte’ which means have a good life. It was so nice and I had a really hard time saying good bye to them all <3



/ Minutes before I left York College for the last time… Such a weird feeling /

When hard work pays off

It’s no secret that it has been hard to keep up with the classes at York College. Not only because English is their first language, and Danish is ours, also because the students are really clever! York College even got the title as an “outstanding college” because of their great graduation percent. No wonder it’s hard to keep up with such a college! However I’ve been working my butt of to do the best assignments I could ever possible make. And this week the hard work seems to finally have payed off. Last week I turned in two essays in English Language, that I got back today. The first essay was a short story, which I got a B+ for! I’m really happy for that B+, because the task was really hard and considering that we are being judged at the same level as the British students make me a bit proud of my mark. The other essay was an article about Copenhagen, that I wrote in connection to the task description “write about something you love” and well, I love Copenhagen. And I wanted to show all my British classmates and teacher that Copenhagen is nothing but amazing. And unfortunately they did! My teacher Alison was beyond amazed about the things I had written about Copenhagen, which resulted in an A+ with the note “You should consider a career in journalism – this is fabulous!”  I have to say that I’m not only a little bit proud of this one. I’m extremely proud to be honest.


Walking the City Wall

Last week Sofie and I finished school earlier than normally so we decided to go to the city and explore the places we hadn’t been yet! Our host mom Emma recommended us to take a walk on the city wall and so we did. The weather was so mild and warm, that it almost felt like a spring day. Anyway, Sofie and I walked the city wall and it was really cool to see the city from a lot of different angles. The wall is about 4 kilometres long, so when we were back where we started, we decided to find a nice café for a lovely warm cup of te (and maybeeee a scone… 🙂 )