Saying my goodbyes

Home is where the heart is

Thursday morning at 4:30 my alarm on my phone went off. It was way too early, but I’ve never had so much energy and motivation to get out of bed. Sofie and I showered and packed the last couple of things while we listened to ‘Home’ with Michael Bublé and ‘Hold on, we’re going home’ with Drake. About an hour later we stood in the dark in front of the school ready to start our travel towards home <3


The view from the plane was extremely gorgeous and with earphones in my ears and ELLE magazine on my lap, I really enjoyed the whole trip. When we landed in Copenhagen my whole family was there to greet me, and it was so nice to see them all again. It’s like I realized how much I’ve missed them, when I got to hug them all again.

I’ve now been home for a week and I have to say the first day of school back on Gammel Hellerup was so unbelievable! It felt so extremely nice to be back with all your Danish friends and get to tell them all the exciting things I’ve experienced the last couple of months. Even tough it was really nice to be back, it was a bit absurd as well. I felt a bit like everything back home in Denmark has been paused while we were gone, when in reality everything and everyone kept going on with their lives. To be honest it was a bit of a chok to come back and realize that so much had changed! My sister had a big birthday party, there’s been social events and parties at school that we missed, we got a new kitchen in my house, and I’ve totally missed out on this year’s Dancing With The Stars (which is quite a big deal in our dancing family… hahahaah)! So yeah, two months really is a long time and I felt like I missed out on a lot. But I would not for anything in the whole world change the last two months. Being on your own in a new country has been so developing and I feel like I’m two years older by now, compared to when I left Denmark two months ago.

When all is said and done it’s nothing but amazing to be back in my own country. Sorry England but nothing can be compared to where your heart is.


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Saying my goodbyes