I remember I was at a confirmation in the spring and sat next to a girl who were about to graduate from high school. She said to me: “Do me a favour and enjoy it. Every single day! Even the shitty ones where maths is sucking the life out of you and your teacher is a true devil.”


At one point I didn’t really get her. Yeah of course high school is great; I like my subjects and my teachers and I have wonderful classmates. But a few days ago in the middle of my English Language class, I suddenly realized what she actually meant. We were analyzing Shakespeare (which I’m not a fan of) when it came to my mind that we only have a week left in York. A week. That means it’s soon to be November and we have been in second grade of high school for 1/4 of the year. How crazy is that and how even more crazy is it, that time flows by so damn fast!


I hate being cliché but it won’t keep me from saying, that I could really use one of those ‘pause time’ bottoms right now. York is an extremely big experience and I will for sure remember this trip for the rest of my life. Even the shitty days, where maths was bull shit (sorry for my bad choosing of words. Not very British and formel Maria… But to be honest it has been bull shit sometimes, so why cover it up? Honesty is the way to go) and when I get 90, old and grey I want to remember how young, free and lucky I was back when I was 17 years old and lived in England for two months. Right now is exactly the time to go make memories for life, and I think that’s important to remember, even if you have a shitty day. We have have shitty days, so why let the shitty ones keep you from making memories? Without the bad ones, we wouldn’t have the super-duper great ones. So a big thank you to the sweet girl I sat next to at the confirmation back in May. You really made me realize something important when I was in England and I had a really shitty day 🙂


“It’s ALWAYS raining in England!”

Mhhhhh…. No. I have now spent 6 weeks in England and I can count the rainy days on one hand! And it’s autumn, how crazy is that. I don’t know if this autumn has been extremely sunny compared to usually (any English people out there who can help me??) or maybe we have just been awfully lucky. Anyway, the point is that we have had the most wonderful weather while being in England. Therefore Sofie and I have been quite good to put on the trainers and go for a run in the lovely weather!


Best part of the day

The weather in England has been incredible for the last 6 weeks. Almost every morning when I’ve pulled the curtain to the side the sun has been shining so bright and clear, that I had to hide my sleepy eyes for a couple of seconds, before I could see anything again haha! Eventually, Sofie and I have a really nice morning routine: waking up, using 10 minutes by scrolling through social medias trying to convince yourself to get out of bed (Well ok, this is just me… Sofie is so cool at getting out of bed just like that!), shower-time, getting ready, eating breakfast, pack bags and then straight out of the door!


Every morning Sofie and I have to walk for 15 minutes to get to school. At first I thought it was a bit annoying that we had to walk to school, because I’m used to use my bike all the time back in Copenhagen. But then, after the first morning of walking to school, I found out how extremely nice walking can be! Sofie and I often share a set of headphones and listen to all our favorite songs on our way to school. Other times we walk together with our host sister Sara as well and it’s lovely to start the morning by talking and joking with such sweet girls!! I’m not kidding when I say that this walk to school has become one of my favorite times of the day, because the music and the English surroundings makes it feel like 15 minutes of meditating. And… I will miss these morning walks so much when I get back to Copenhagen in just 10 days.

xxx from York


One year ago

Today I’m in bed with a really bad headache. It sucks to be sick and I have to say I hate it even more here in York, because I’m staying all day in a home that’s not mine. It’s beyond weird not to be able to cook whatever food your sloppy body craves or sit in the living room looking like a nightmare, haha. But oh well hopefully I will be fit for fight again soon!

Today I went back in the archives and found some pictures from exactly this time last year. It’s so fun to go through the pictures and look at yourself and your life and see what has changed and what hasn’t. I actually don’t think I’ve changed at all, but I guess you can never see it yourself if you actually have changed, haha.

Have a good day xxx


Et af de mange dagens outfit fra sidste år. Se hele outfittet HER



Købte disse lækre støvler fra Billi Bi. De er i dag nogle af mine yndlingssko og jeg bruger dem heeeele tiden. 




Lasse og jeg vandt vores første turnering sammen. Ihh, hvor var det en af de bedste dage nogensinde. Læs mere HER



Jeg købte skrivebordslampe til mit nye værelse. Jeg var helt vild med den. Jeg er stadig helt vild med den. Se flere billeder HER