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 A lot of people are uninspired when it comes to wearing caps. Personally I love the ‘sporty chic’ look, and what’s more sporty than a cool cap?

I have chosen my favorite cap from FANATICS baseball hats and styled it with an outfit I would love to wear at a game. I have chosen this cap because I’m a sucker for the simple originals and of course it’s a New York Yankees cap! 😉

Buy the New York Yankees cap here.

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My outfit is a mix of rock, sporty and cool. I like the idea of mixing the more tough clothes with a sporty cap and bag. What do you think about the outfit?

I’m in love with Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens’ sporty looks in these pictures. So cool and simple! To get this look all you have to do is to visit FANATICS baseball hats page and find your new favorite hat!

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Alice Olivia crop top
1.465 DKK – farfetch.com

Frame Denim black jeans
1.190 DKK – nordstrom.com

Yves Saint Laurent leather boots
5.465 DKK – farfetch.com

1.185 DKK – bloomingdales.com

Silver jewelry
1.030 DKK – youngbritishdesigners.com

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